Eugene understands the need to protect life, liberty and the prosperity. Many citizens today are being denied essential rights in all three of these categories because some current elected officials choose to operate on “Too Much Politics and Not Enough Passion”. This is why Eugene has chosen to continue fighting for basic freedoms and rights including:

Economic Development

E ntrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our economy. It is extremely important for business owners to have a person who understands business fighting for their rights in Jefferson City. Regulation should be limited so that businesses are free to operate in such a way that can lead to more jobs paying higher wages. Likewise, business taxes should be low which could give businesses the revenue that they need to experiment with growth and employment issues. As a PhD student Eugene Dokes has conducted studies using counties within Missouri to develop an understanding of what business owners need from policy makers in order to establish and grow their organizations. During this process Dokes had interviewed dozens of policy makers and business owners in order to get firsthand knowledge on which policies create prosperity and which policies create problems. It’s time to address these issues in Jefferson City.

Family Life

F amily makes our community. Because of this vital role that family plays, it should be protected at all costs. Eugene will always take a stance that laws shouldn’t interfere with family. Instead, state policy should encourage marriage and promote life. Abortion clinics should be attacked at the roots and alternatives should be promoted. Prosperity should also be encouraged since welfare robs citizens of their dignity and diminishes self worth. As a church volunteer Eugene Dokes and his wife Kenyota has mentored teenagers, newlyweds and new parents in order to pass knowledge and skills that can be useful in keeping marriages together. As a family counselor, his wife Kenyota Dokes has helped to shape his thinking and form his knowledge on which issues or most crippling to marriages and families.

Education Reform

A community’s education system plays an extensive role on the quality of life that students will have after they graduate. Likewise, the availability knowledgeable residents can be the success or lack of success for businesses within the community. It is very important that Missouri’s schools will be a part of a system in which the institutions, the educators and the parents are all working together to provide the best education possible for students. This requires a cooperative effort between the aforementioned and Missouri’s legislators. As a graduate of Missouri’s publican school system Eugene Dokes has gone to receive several post high school degrees and will graduate with his PhD later this year. He has seen firsthand how proper education can be beneficial. Dokes will fight in Jefferson City to offer these educational benefits to all Missouri residents.

~ Other Issues of Importance to Eugene Dokes ~

  • Keeping taxes low and properly using revenue that was generated by hard working Missouri families
  • Protecting private property rights and stopping the overuse of eminent domain
  • Going over and beyond for veterans that have fought for our freedom and protected our rights
  • Attacking illegal immigration from the roots and protecting jobs of registered citizens
  • Establishing affordable private healthcare solutions